GU12For the Fall 2014 season, Downtown Soccer Club will field boys teams in age groups U8-U19 and girls teams in age groups U8-U13 and U19.  Additionally, DSC offers a pre-club skills program for boys and girls ages 5 and 6.

As a member of CalSouth and USYS, Downtown SC teams are divided into single year age groups based on an August 1 – July 31 year.  For example, in 2013, Downtown SC BU11 (02/03) is comprised of players born between August 1, 2002 and July 31, 2013.  If in doubt, consult the CalSouth Age Matrix.

To find the latest contact information for any team, click on the team name below or contact us.

Girls Teams Boys Teams
Pre-Club Pre-Club
Downtown SC GU8 (05/06) Downtown SC BU8 (05/06)
Downtown SC GU9 (04/05)  Downtown SC BU9 (04/05)
Downtown SC GU10 (03/04) Downtown SC BU10 (03/04)
Downtown SC GU11 (02/03) Downtown SC BU10 Black (03/04)
Downtown SC GU12 (01/02) Downtown SC BU11 (02/03)
Downtown SC GU19 (94/95) Downtown SC BU12 (01/02)
Downtown SC BU13 (00/01)
Downtown BU13 Black (00/01)
Downtown SC BU13 White (00/01)
Downtown SC BU13 (99/00)
Downtown SC BU15 (98/99)
Downtown SC BU15 Black (98/99)
Downtown SC BU15 White (98/99)
Downtown SC BU16 (97/98)
Downtown SC BU16 Black (97/98)
Downtown SC BU19 (94/95)

BU15 BlackAt Downtown Soccer Club, when there are multiple teams in a single age group, teams are named, and players are assigned, by ability.  The first or top team is called Downtown SC, the second team is called Downtown SC Black and the third team is called Downtown SC White.  However, as teams develop they retain the original names, so it is not uncommon for a DSC Black or White team to be the top team in an older age group.

DSC Developmental and Academy teams are operated under the direct supervision of the Club Chairman.  For more information about those teams, contact us.