Where does Downtown Soccer Club practice?

Teams from Downtown Soccer Club practice at schools and parks in the LA metro area.  In 2012, teams will practice at Belmont High School, Helen Bernstein High School, Hollywood High School, Miguel Contreras Learning Center, Mendez Learning Center and Virgil Middle School.  Absent unforseen circumstances, Downtown Soccer Club teams practice at the same time and place for an entire season (May through April).

Where does Downtown Soccer Club play games?

Home games for Downtown Soccer Club are played and Mendez Learning Center and Pecan Recreation Center.  Away games are played throughout southern California depending on the competition.  Usually, away games are within 30 miles; however as teams become more competitive, they may have to travel further to find the appropriate level of competition.

How does a player join Downtown Soccer Club?

Downtown Soccer Club holds open tryouts in the spring.   At those tryouts, players are evaluated and some are invited to train with a team for four sessions.  After four training sessions, a coach will usually be able to make a decision whether to invite a player to join a team for the current season.  Players who miss an open tryout can still train with a team to be evaluated for a permanent position.  Contact Downtown Soccer Club for further details.

How much does Downtown Soccer Club cost?

The cost to play for Downtown Soccer Club depends on the team.   Each year, each team sets a budget based on a numerous factors.  Based on that budget and the number of players on the team, a monthly fee is established.  Unlike other clubs which have significant extra charges for tournaments, uniforms and referee fees. Downtown Soccer Club offers fully inclusive pricing and a player’s monthly fee will cover fields, insurance, coaching, registration fees, league fees, referee fees, tournaments and a complete adidas uniform.

Does Downtown Soccer Club offer financial aid or “scholarships”?

A central philosophy for Downtown Soccer Club is no player will be turned away because of inability to afford the program.  Each year, nearly all Downtown Soccer Club players receive financial assistance.  Downtown Soccer Club is able to give financial assistance because of the support of its community partners, all of whom share the commitment to bring high level soccer to the neighborhoods that Downtown Soccer Club serves.

What is the time commitment to play for Downtown Soccer Club?

Each Downtown Soccer Club team practices at least two times per week, all year long.  Many teams practice three times per week.  During the fall season, teams play one or two games per week on Saturday and on Sunday.  During the spring tournament season, most teams compete in at least one tournament per month.  Most Downtown Soccer Club teams also participate in a spring league with at least one weekend game per week.